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December 30th, 2010

(no subject)

Not happy. ):
Yes, I am back. Remembered that I could actually post on my LJ... dunno why I always forget. X:
Anyway... today my parents sold my car. My lovely Bastard. Gone. The guy who bought him [yes, my car has a gender] took out some parts of him and threw the rest away. A terrible ending for such a loyal car. We never had accidents with him, we built our house with him, never any major problems until now... *sighs* My baby is gone.

And we got a new car too. A red Mitsubishi. Now let me tell you... I hate Mitsubishi [then again... I hate a lot of car brands. There are only very few I do not mind] and I HATE the colour red on cars [except this really really dark red for oldtimers] - and now I got it both. And instead of it being big, or elegant or sportive it is... a nutshell. A fucking nutshell.
Trying to "get along" with it but... it won't be easy.

On a brighter note... I got my Kenpachi plushie today! x3 Yes... I am that childish. But it was soooo adorable, looked a lot like the original Kenpachi AND was fucking cheap [+ the shipping was free]. Even a chewing gum costs more nowadays! So yeah... had to get one. He is currently laying next to me with a psychopathic smile on his face. Adorable. ♥

January 19th, 2009

Psyyyyyyyyyyycho 8D

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July 19th, 2006

First entry


sorry ppl but....

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