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4 October 1989
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I never know where to start - so excuse my mess xDD;

ehehe - one community stamped me as Vincent Valentine [look down at the stamp]....nma....but I only almost look like him xD;
I don´t have red eyes - mine are blue xP
I´m not over 6' tall xD; - I´m only 5'11 [180 cm] tall. xDDD;;;
I dunno how much I weight....have to look....later.
The probably only things we both have are a pale skin and black hair xD
Nma - you can say that I almost have the same style like him....almost...
I only wear black - oh yes - I´m a gothic...
the only colour T-shirts I have are my...6 Rammstein T-shirts and my 1 Marilyn Manson one [the other Mary ones have been stolen by my "friend" ;_;]
Because of my style I´m not really liked....in my school you have to look "cool" to be popular and liked + you must hate Rammstein and Marilyn Manson......I WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!! >O

Where I live? *points above* in Austria. ^^
The small little country next to Germany. xDDDD
So yeah - if you notice many spelling mistakes...then I´m sorry xD - my native language is german...and I sooo suck in english ><

My fav bands are: RAMMSTEIN, MARILYN MANSON,DEATHSTARS, SLIPKNOT, Oomph!, In Extremo, Evanescene, Bullet for my Valentine, Within Temptation, AC/DC, Sevendust, Dir en grey, Sytem of a Down, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Disturbed, Metallica, L´Âme Imortelle and others I can´t think of right now xDDDD

- doing stuff with my comp <3
like being online and talking with my friends, reading fanfictions, looking for pics, working with Photoshop

- watching TV
yeah - good films [I´m more into that fantasy stuff - like X-Men, Underworld and that and what I like too is Shakespear!!! I exspecially like "Much ado about nothing"], music DVDs [Rammstein + Marilyn Manson = Ultraliebe! <3]

nma - don´t have more hobbies - me is lazy xP

about my personality:
I'm fucked up. ö_ö
No really. There are short moments in which I enjoy life at its fullest.....and from one moment to the other I get depressed again. I really can't stand myself. :/

positive: I'm a good listener, I always stay calm, I use my brain before my feelings
negative: I'm very greedy. And lazy - I really do nothing! I'm not very social.

Likes: RAMMSTEIN, DEATHSTARS,MARILYN MANSON, animes, laptop, friends [when they don´t annoy me], sleeping, people with honour, respect, my dog <3

Dislikes: girly girls, people who won´t accept you for who you are, liers, people who have to show how "strong" they are <<'

okey finished now ...although I already know nobody read this.

My personality matches with those charas:

and I look like:


I claimed:
LozxSephiroth [FFVII]
VincentxCidxSephiroth [FFVII]
SeiferxLaguna [FFVIII]
AuronxSeymour [FFX]
at: ffyyclaims

And I´m a proud member of:

hp_hardcore presents Hardcore Valentines! Click here to get your own!


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